Collectif Challenge: 2Apr2022 Circular

The challenge for April is Jocular.

By Susan Latreille I haven’t been doing much photography lately and decided to push myself for the March Challenge. And since I also haven’t been outside much I decided to further challenge myself to find the “circular” theme within my house.

First are photos of a necklace that I have, in enhanced colour and then in B&W.

The second series has first a simple unenhanced photo of a framed scroll-carving made years ago by my father, then a close-up enhanced B&W version of the magnificent dragon.

Lastly, I have an enhanced photo of a new acquisition that will, with warmer weather, become a birdbath, and also an enhanced B&W version of same.

By Susan Irving Here are a couple of things for the “Circular” challenge. I started on Mirror in Pinks and Purples just as Covid 19 was beginning in March 2020. 

Mixed media on round canvas, 10″ diameter

Mandala was done especially for this challenge. I have always wanted to attempt a mandala so this challenge was a great motivator. It was fun to do, although it is not perfect, as my measuring skills leave a bit to be desired.

Mixed media on canvas, 8 x 8″

By Yvonne Callaway I’ve been rather fixated on dots (and triangles) of late. These two images are fourth and fifth in the Dot Dot Dot series. Something calming and self-contained about circles.

The odd thing: I thought the early elements of this series were recent but they stretch back to May 2019! Where does the time go?

By Milo Smith March went so fast!  So here I am scrambling to find something for “Circular”. 

To my surprise I came up with three images.  Image 1 is a light painting image of my fireplace.  I was doing Intentional Camera Movement photography and shot the fireplace while moving the camera in a circular motion for a 13 second exposure. 

Fireplace, Intentional Camera Movement.

Image 2 is a similar ICM image shot at Christmas on West Boundary Road, a Christmas tree and a 2.5 second exposure while rotating the camera. 

Alexandria Christmas LIghts (mostly ICM).

Image 3 is a simple circular wreath.  I must try and get ahead of next month’s challenge!

Christmas Wreath.

By Tina Whitman This little grouping of  Brittlestems (a type of mushroom) that grew on our front yard was so irresistibly lovely, I had to get down on my hands and knees to take a photo! I had plans to paint them but they are so beautiful as they are. 

My Brittlestems, photo

By Magdelene van den Oetelaar I’ve been trying something new to me called paint pouring. It is messy and a lot of fun.

This is the canvas when first poured.

Acrylic, 16 x 20″

Once it dried, I painted circles and shadows over it to give it a bubble look.


  1. What fun to go through the Circular Challenge. And what variety. Thanks for sharing and giving me a good start for my fourth day: waiting to see if, having been exposed, I have picked up Covid-19. So far, so good.



  2. What fun to see the variety of interpretations of circular.
    Susan, I love the mandala.
    Yvonne, your art always intrigues me. I like the first Dot Dot Dot – somehow it made me think of raindrops falling on my head 🙂
    Milo, your fireplace shot is amazing!!
    Tina, I have never seen those mushrooms. Of themselves, they are a work of art and you captured them beautifully.
    Magdelene, Wow! just Wow!


  3. I’m sorry missed the boat on this one – so many possibilities. Glad to see such a good response and different takes on the theme.


  4. Another challenge well met (albeit not by me – insert rolling eye emoji here-). They are all fabulous! Magdelene – what a unique and marvellous way to deal with a pour! Absolutely brilliant!


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