About Us


The site was created & is maintained by a very small group of dedicated volunteers: it is intended as a Collective collaboration. Accordingly, we count on everyone to feed us appropriate information (we DON’T know it all!)

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About Us

The Collective has about 80 members. To date the not-for-profit group has created:  

  • An annual exhibition in a funeral home–-though art isn’t dead 
  • Annual exhibitions at two local museums
  • Workshops for members & non-members 
  • Three murals, one involving five local schools. This 12×32′ beauty went up in September 2019


  • Town-wide art displays, readings & art/music happenings. 

The Collective’s intention is to make art a living asset in our area.


The Collectif d’artistes de Glengarry Artists’ Collective [CAGAC] is a not-for-profit assembly of artists engaging with residents to create community-building programs & significant personal & community growth.

Members practice visual & lens-based art, writing & performance. The group was founded in October 2016.

Board of Directors

  • Bobi Leutschaft Poitras,  President
  • Yvonne Callaway,  VP & Treasurer
  • Lynne Ayers,  Secretary
  • Brenda Kennedy,  Membership
  • Katie Ditschun,  Director & Hospitality
  • Elaine Delves, Director & Hospitality
  • Francois Desjardins, Webtech & ArtBank lead
  • Alison Hall,  Graphic Designer
  • Sindy Leger, Social Media



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