Sometimes a habit becomes a thing.

Last fall we shared Kerry Herwynen McIntosh and Tina Whitman’s recent art activity: pulling topics at random from a jar each month, challenging themselves and each other to create an art work  (great idea guys!!)

We mentioned their November challenge was Music, and you responded! Ditto for December’s call, Wallpaper and the January challenge for Birds.

Clearly the Covid Creativity Challenge was becoming a . . . thing! A delight to try then view the visual cornucopia, an opportunity for members to try something new or old, whimsical or traditional, using known or experimental media. Written responses have also been submitted — creativity in many forms!

To honour the great sharing of creativity, Francois Desjardins designed this icon to identify posts relating to the CCC.

Covid Creativity Challenge (CCC) Icon
Designed by Francois Desjardins

A reminder, the challenge for February is Under the Sea – however you interpret that! Send an image of your work to us at by the end of this short month. The intention is that the work was finished during the challenge month. Happy creating!


  1. Whoa! that is so neat.
    So Kerry and Tina’s ‘thing’ has really become an official THING!
    Thank you Kerry, Tina, and Francois for the great inspiration and nudge! nudge! nudge!


  2. Wow, this is so cool!!!!

    I’m so glad that people are having as much fun as we are.

    Kerry, our trips to millpond to have a coffee, kibitzing, pondering life and art have been fruitful!



  3. I love seeing how people respond to the challenges. Congratulations Tina and Kerry on a wonderful idea! And François – I love the icon!


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