Moving and Creativity

“As if we didn’t already know this, the New York Times announced [this week] that going for a walk is good for the imagination. A recent study by scholars at the University of Graz in Austria and published in Scientific Reports has found that active people get better ideas. In other words and in case you needed reminding, moving your body is part of your art practice.” Read the rest of this article here.

Lynne Ayers
Main Street
Photograph on acrylic
24 x 16 inches


  1. Yes, I agree with the article. I love taking a walk in the fresh air. It also gives me a chance to look for new ideas for my paintings as I am walking. Not always but I enjoy the exercise as well!


  2. The ingenuity and creativity of artists amazes me. So many options today! I wonder what Rembrandt or Durer would make of modern technology. I wonder how it would influence their art.

    Ruth Stanton



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