Two Calls for Entry!!!

Glengarry Nor’Westers and Loyalist Museum, Williamstown

18 May – 16 June 2019   One-month exclusive exhibit in a different town! Smaller venue so limits on quantities & size.

Registration deadline:                1 May 2019 with fee

Cost:                                                  $20/artist.

Details:                                             2 works/artist. Original work only: no copies

Size:                                                   Minimum 8×10”         Maximum 24×36”

Vernissage:                                     TBD

Drop-off:                                         Thursday, 16 May10 – 3.  Hanging on Friday, May 17.

Pick-up:                                            Sunday, 16 June 5-6 p.m.


The Glengarry Pioneer Museum, Dunvegan

6 – 14 July 2019     Exclusive to Collective members: a 9-day show.

Registration deadline:                    15 June 2019 with fee

Cost:                                                   $20/artist

Details:                                               2 works/artist. Original work only, no copies

Size:                                                    Minimum 8×10”           No maximum

Details to follow


  • To engage our audience works must be:
    • Original (no copies of elements or whole works by others)
    • Never before seen in a Collective show. Can be older works or new.
  • The Board reserves the right to decline items not deemed appropriate – being respectful to host sites.
  • Works must be prepared for hanging as explained in CAGAC Hanging Instructions.
  • Works will be included based on numbers of participants & space available.


  1. Please help me. Am I correct in reading this e-mail that these shows are only for art that can be hung (2 dimensional)?




    • As stated: I’m sure there is electricity at both sites but no guarantee a work could be situated close to an outlet: I’d suggest not counting on it.


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