Call for Artists 2019 Apples & Art

The 28th Annual Apples & Art Studio Tour takes place 28 & 29 Sept 2019. Submission deadline: 30 Apr 2019.   Call for Artists 2019 Apples & Art

This year the limit on the number of studios or artists is eliminated. How FABULOUS if the Glengarry sites on the A&A Studio Tour Map reflected the strength of our Collective, currently 95 members! Visitors would clearly see the worth of a trip to Glengarry!

We invite many (all?) artists to consider opening/sharing their studios – the more local sites on the A&A Studio Tour Map, the more visitors attracted, with increased opportunities to show/sell our stuff!  Writers, consider selling your books: team up with a visual artist!

A&A publicity has SD&G & local tourism support: this year let’s use this to our advantage!!

[Send us a note if you have a space you’d be willing to share with other artists.]



  1. I would like to announce that Priests Mill Arts Centre will be hosting an Apples & Art group site for up to 16 artists in the upstairs performance space at the Mill.

    Please contact for more information on how to apply.

    Thanks you



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