Covid Creativity: 28Jan2022

by Olga Harhaj

Here is my first submission for 2022! I do hope that eventually we can stop calling it Covid creativity and maybe Celebration Creativity!

I would like to share something a little different with the group. I always wanted to paint these beautiful Scottish Highland cows that we see off the north service road on the way to Cornwall. I took some pictures of them a few weeks ago when there was no snow on the ground yet.
Some of them cooperated and posed for the picture.

Cows. Oil on canvas. 12 x 16 12″ x 16″.

Hope to see you all in the near future!

Collectif members, share your creativity! Send JPG images of work completed, adjusted, edited, repaired, altered since March 2020 to with up to 100 words per image describing what you did, materials used, inspiration, etc. Maybe share how/if creativity helps. Please include size (height by width), title & media for all images.

Writers – we need to hear from you! Send us poetry, lyrics, an excerpt. Try to include an illustration of some sort.

Give us informative, inspiring show & tell. Thank you!


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