Covid Creativity: 16Apr2020

By Milo Smith.

I am not going to let the current pandemic slow me down. I decided to do the Glengarry Routes Heritage Tour with an emphasis on old churches.  No problem with social distancing! I focused on churches in smaller towns and those in no towns at all.  I got lucky with two sunny days. One for the northern part of the tour and one for the southern.  I have many images, so I selected two that I particularly like.  The first is the Glengarry Gordon Free Church at St. Elmo.  Image taken at f8, 1/400 sec. ISO 200.  Unfortunately this church is no longer in service.  

Glengarry Gordon Free Church at St. Elmo

The second is the original St. Andrews Catholic Church in St. Andrews West dated to 1801, the oldest extant stone church in Ontario.  Image take at f8, 1/320 sec ISO 200.  I like this one because it does not look like a church.  No steeple, no bell, no stained glass. 

Original St. Andrews Catholic Church in St. Andrews West

I will now turn my attention to spring flowers as the crocus have appeared.  

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  1. What a great idea and what excellent photography!…I never saw the St. Andrew’s West church before…no steeple, interesting…must have suffered similar fate as St. Raphael’s. Good for you, Milo….SandraSent from Samsung tablet


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