Sharing emotion through creativity

I find myself stuck, stuck, choked with fear…emotion. I find myself not knowing how to visualize, begin to ‘show,’ express emotion.

Suffering is a human experience that carries the potential to be one of art’s most powerful channels.

These excerpts from M.E.L.T. on Painter’s Keys highlight the struggle of depicting — in images or words — the maelstrom within us. It can be cathartic to face our demons & create with them. This article offers pointers in that direction.

65 Lost by Lynne Ayers

Lost, by Lynne Ayers


  1. WOW! I never would have recognized that style as Lynne’s painting…what a beautiful piece of art!…Well done…SandraSent from Samsung tablet


  2. This article describes essentially what I did in producing my works for my show in the spring: Emotion – an abstract and personal look. The series was borne of grief. I brainstormed all the emotions and wrote them down and set them aside. Then I began making random marks on canvas and kept going until eventually I began to see one of those emotions appearing on the canvas. Once I had direction for that piece I worked to enhance it. It was a very cathartic process and the journey was very evident, at least to me, across the 20+ works I produced, from the initial stages of grief to coming out the other side.


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