Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The Collective is attracting a growing number of artists. Our 90+ members have diverse interests, use different media with mind-boggling approaches to creativity. Our expanding Collective is evolving from the initial painting-centricity to accommodate more & varied art forms: photography, music, sculpture, pottery, writing, etc.  Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together artists sharing similar focus to:

  • Share ideas, methods, resources
  • Help one another
  • Perhaps collaborate on projects.  

Guidelines for SIGs

  • Participants must be members of the Collective (membership fees help defray global costs such as web hosting, insurance, etc.)
  • Work must be original (for plastic arts) &/or attribution to originator must be made, as appropriate. Copyright & royalties to copyright owners must be observed (for plays, lyrics, etc.)
  • SIGs are responsible for finding meeting spaces; arranging for refreshments, minute takers; etc. for their SIG meetings
  • One member per SIG will be designated editor for their SIG page on the CAGAC website.

Currently the following groups have formed. The list can–& will likely!–evolve as member  needs change. These links are to each SIG’s secure team section, where progress is shared among SIG members.  In time, public pages may be developed & posted here too.


Painting: Landscape

Painting: Portraits & still life

Painting: Abstract


Mixed Media