Collectif Challenge: 3May2023, Sheep

The challenge for May is camp.

By Yvonne Callaway Sheep are happy-making animals: fun to look at; tasty for the non-vegans; suppliers of warm & resilient wool. And the colours!

324 Barb a Papa / Cotton Candy Farm, Mixed media on board, 16 x 20″

Then again, sheep can be, well, menacing. This diptych is an homage to spring – in like a lion and out like a lamb!

226 Spring. Acrylic on canvas 48 x 36″ Diptych

By Claudette Vaillancourt Sending you my “sheep” for the month.

These cuties have been hugged, sat on, raced, slept on and still smile ,

A part of my herd, a wonderful painting by fellow artist J Mercier.

A good looking curly sheep amongst the greenery.

By Lynne Ayers I have a LOT of photos of sheep, taken with the intent of planting some of them in my landscape paintings … yet to be done successfully. 

Sheep statues in the streets of Lockerbie, Scotland

Black and white in Sutherland on the way to John o’ Groats

Sheep bums … many, many sheep bums.

Two Sheep

And the only one I actually painted, which sold 🙂 which I titled “Baaaack Up”

By Bobi Leutschaft Poitras Here’s my submission for Sheep. 

Chillin’ with My Peeps, acrylic on cradle board, 12 x 12″ (Version 1)

I decided to add a little Leutschaft attitude. . .

Chillin’ with My Peeps, acrylic on cradle board, 12 x 12″ (Version 2)

Chillin’ with My Peeps, detail

By Susan Irving Here is my entry for “SHEEP”.  (Done quickly with Microsoft DRAW FREE app. ) With a little poem my Mother used to recite to me:

Mary had a little lamb,

Its fleece was black as soot, 

And everywhere that Mary went,

His sooty foot

He put.

Microsoft DRAW FREE app.

By Milo Smith Sheep were an easy challenge.  I particularly like sheep with strong markings.  These two with black heads say “Sheep” to me.

September Drive through Hudson and Ontario. Sheep.
Black face sheep

By Susan Latreille I didn’t have any recent photos of sheep but when I checked my archives I found these almost 15 yr-old photos snapped at a Glengarry Encore outing of a sheep herding demonstration.

I played around with the photos including adding a softer focus in one, more clarity in the other so they are now current works.

Border collie and sheep awaiting the shepherd’s command.
Stuck in the middle with you

By Isabelle Utovac. I enjoyed using my new box of Colours of the World Crayola crayons. The “kid” in me!

Sheep may safely graze/Les moutons peuvent paître en paix
Wax crayon on cardstock / Crayon de cire sur papier cartonné, 8 X 10″

By Barb Lehtiniemi My challenge was to edit a photo I’d taken in 2014.  The original photo had a yellow-ish cast from the inadequate barn lighting.  I cleared up the tone a bit, and cropped the photo to focus on my subject—a puddle of lambs with their sweet pink ears.


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