Collectif Challenge: 5Apr2023 Yellow

The Challenge for April is Sheep!

By Susan Irving

Winter night, moon is bright

Casting light on wind-blown drifts and snow-laden branches

Clouds appear, traversing the sky

 Fields shine white then turn grey behind black stands of trees

Yellow light from distant windows promise comfort and warmth.

And now for something completely different . . . fresh bananas that were left in a cold car for a couple of hours.

Yellow No More, KODAK Digital Still Camera

By Milo Smith Well, the Yellow challenge was an easy one for me.  I went back to my collection of flower images from 2022 and found a plethora of images.

This is a day lily with buds for the following days. 

Here is a pumpkin flower, naturally growing in a pumpkin patch. 

This is a prairie cone flower growing in Tina’s garden. 

A giant sunflower, which I find are often imperfect–but not this one. 

This is yellow leafed tree growing in Edwina’s garden. 

Finally, a nasturtium growing beside the sidewalk on Dominion Street.

By Bobi Leutschaft Poitras. This one may be a paint-over candidate in the future, but here it is for the yellow challenge…

Optimism, Acrylic on canvas, 20 x 20″ 

By Kerry Herwynen McIntosh I did this at my daughter’s during the summer of 2021. Just playing around. Lots of fun.

Yellow Iris. Acrylic on board. 9 × 12″

By Isabelle Utovac

Quelques fruits jaunes/Some yellow fruit
Crayon de cire sur papier de construction/Wax crayon on construction paper
8 x 10″

By Claudette Vaillancourt Here is my entry for “yellow” month. Went for a drive and shopping and came across yellow everywhere! 

Plastic yellow!
A flashy yellow Porsche following me…
Golden yellow peppers
Mellow yellow squash
 Glorious brilliant yellow flowers!

[Ed. Claudette makes this challenge look so easy! Great yellow perception.]

By Magdelene van den Oetelaar Sometimes I like playing with glass. This is glass on glass. The gaps between the colored glass are filled with grout.

By Lynne Ayers I rarely seem to use yellow, not a bright yellow like bismuth. I’m more a yellow ochre / naples sort of girl. 

But I’ve been playing lately.  Marsh Lights and Marsh Lights 2 – titles may change – the whole paintings may change ‘cos I’m still at the playing stage but I thought the results were interesting so far. 

Marsh Lights
Lynne Ayers
16 x 20″
Acrylic on canvas
Marsh Lights 2
Lynne Ayers
8 x 8 “
Acrylic on board

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