Collectif Creativity: 28Mar2023

At Wednesday’s Collectif Coffee House, about 20 members tried out Quick Image Transfer. Energy, enthusiasm and creativity were evident. All materials were supplied by The Collectif.

The art experience was capably led by Lynne Ayers and Susan Irving, who’d spent time researching then testing the process.

It was a sticky, splashy, learning op interspersed with conversation, laughter, coffee and treats. The leaders had prepped and gessoed the twenty-five 8″-square boards so attendees could dive directly into applying their chosen images.

Then came the rubbing, to remove the paper backing while leaving the image on the boards.

Here Claudette V, Victoria S and Sandra D display their results, not yet finished. (They all look quite pleased!) The process takes a lot of (gentle) rubbing.

Once all the paper is removed, images can be glazed, painted and embellished. Here are several completed works.

Collectif Coffee Houses are fabulous opportunities for creatives to share ideas, experiences, techniques. And learn!

What would you like to experience at the May 2023 Coffee House? Send suggestions to or comment on this post.

Thanks to Milo Smith for most images.


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