Collectif Creativity: 8Mar2023

by Olga Harhaj

I recently finished my latest oil painting and it was a challenge. The “Purple House” is located in Williamstown, Ontario not far from where we live. When I heard that it was about to be demolished because it was unsafe for anyone to live there, I knew I had to try to paint it.

Unfortunately when I went to take some pictures I saw it was in very bad shape with many trees overgrown around it. I used Google Maps to see if it was there — I found a picture of it from 2013!  The house was shown in better condition that it is today. I snipped the picture and used it as my reference. Thanks Google Maps!

Here one picture I took when I went to see it, before I started the painting for some reference as it looks now.

The Purple House 2023, photo by Olga Harhaj
The Purple House, oil on canvas

Isn’t it about time you shared your creative activities with the Collectif? 

Send JPG image(s) to with up to 100 words per image describing some or all of what moved you to spend time thinking about and producing . . . something! Share how/if creativity affects (controls?) your life. Please include size (height by width), title & media for each image.

Writers – we want to hear from you! Send poetry, lyrics, an excerpt. Try to include an image of some sort because that’s the media world we live in. 

Everyone, share informative, inspiring Show & Tell demonstrating the creative mind.


  1. I always loved that house too, Olga, and your painting did it justice for the beautiful place it once was.


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