Collectif Creativity: 12Feb2023

by Milo Smith

Here are some birds “collected” in 2022.  Mostly, I am just taking pretty pictures but for one I turned it into watercolour-like image.

#1 (male) and #2 (female) are Pine Grosbeaks pigging out on berries on the decorative crab-apple in my front garden in February.  They were voracious and virtually all the images are of them gorging on the fruit.

Male Pine Grosbeak at 34 Centre St.
Female Pine Grosbeak at 34 Centre St.

Here are some Snow Geese showing me their backs as I approach them at the settling ponds in April.

Snowgeese at Alexandria Settling Pond.

These are a pair of Rock Pigeons (the white one is the female and the only one in sharp focus) feeding on my front lawn.  I am sure they are a pair as I always saw them together over many days in May.


This is a Great Blue Heron making its escape as I flushed it on the Garry River just East of Main Street in June.  Many of my bird pictures are “bum shots” as they are fleeing my approach.

Saturdy Walkabout near 34 Centre St.

The next two are images of a Great Egret in the Raisin River in June.  In #6 it is fishing for lunch in a straight photograph.

Great Egret on the Raisin River.

Image #7, the “watercolour”, was produced in Photoshop.

Great Egret on the Raisin River.

Finally, this is an immature Osprey on the Rideau River in September.  Its parents have already migrated, and it will have to do so solo soon thereafter.  I tried to photograph it for maybe 15 minutes as it sat in the nest and just after I gave up and put the gear away it started to fly. Frustrating!

Osprey Nest on River Road.

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  1. Of these birds, I have only seen snow geese (from a distance) and pigeons. I’ve never seen pine grosbeaks although I’ve seen two of their relatives: the evening and the rose-breasted grosbeaks. What a colourful family! Thanks for sharing.

    Ruth >


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