Collectif Creativity: 2Dec2023 Flight

The Challenge for the December will be Boxed In.

By Isabelle Utovac I wanted to use my white chalk for some time. I didn’t know what to draw until I thought about a wing. This was done pretty quickly, about 30 minutes or so, (and maybe it shows!).

Flight of peace, Chalk & coloured pencil on construction paper, 9 x 12″

Flight of peace

briefly a wing flutters and passes over the land

then disappears into the heavens

just enough to keep us wondering

and letting us understand

regardless of the thundering

white and pure

steady and sure

a night of peace

a flight of fancy that will not cease

until settling on the earth

By Milo Smith A collection of flying beasts.  #1 through 3 are Northern Gannets flying around in a gale at Cape St. Mary’s Newfoundland.  They were just enjoying cavorting in the wind.


#4 is in Island Park: a dragonfly just landing on a piece of vegetation.

Thursday Walk in Island Park. Male Halloween Pennant.

#5, also in Island Park, is probably a female Widow Skimmer flying solo to Mill Pond to lay her eggs. Not well focused but they are hard to catch on the wing.

Monday Walk Black Saddlebag at Mill Pond? Female Widow Skimmer?

#6 is a Giant Swallowtail about to land on Bergamot in Edwina Billyk’s garden on Glen Roy road.

Visit to Edwina B’s Garden. Giant Swallowtail on Bee Balm (or Bergamot)

By Tina Whitman I was stumped on this one! But rummaging through my photos I found the perfect subject for “flight”.  Of course, it was the usual tormenting of Georgia Peach.

Just happened to find feather wings in the closet. I call it FLAP YOUR WINGS.



  1. Beautiful and sensitive poem. Great photos of winged things. I especially like the one of the Swallowtail on the Bergamot. And Fanciful Angel Peaches!


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