Collectif Challenge: 4Nov2022, Clouds

Next challenge, for November, is Flight.

By Milo Smith Clouds can make the scene. 

Many years ago, I toured the Avalon peninsula in Newfoundland.  Image #1 is a nice scene with the bay and the boats and the striking stratigraphy, but the sky is flat and boringly blue.  I took a cloud image and changed the sky.  IMHO image #2 with the new cloudy sky gives the scene a lot more interest than it had before. 

Image #3 at the mouth of St. John’s harbour with an offshore oil service boat entering is interesting, especially with the old gun emplacement and lighthouse lit by the sun.  However, the sky is again not contributing to the image, just lots of uninteresting clouds.  Image #4 with a new and more interesting sky has more life. 

Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, the scene with the new sky just looks unnatural.  However, I think these images work.

By Bobi Leutschaft Poitras Clouds are very significant to me – in a painting, they are responsible for setting the mood.  

I didn’t realize till I was searching through my works just how many of my paintings incorporate clouds. I picked a handful for this challenge, but have so many more!  Obviously I love clouds!

By Edwina Billyk This week I drew in charcoal and conte. Here I am expressing depth with layers of value going from dark to light and left to right.

Dark Clouds, Charcoal & watercolour on watercolour paper, 6 x 9”

Here the idea was to show depth by putting lighter and closer clouds on top of darker ones.

Wispy Clouds, Charcoal & watercolour on watercolour paper, 6 x 9”

This time the layers of depth are reversed with the closest and darkest area being the tree. Next are the twigs, then the white clouds and finally the blue sky. Often this is how we view clouds, behind buildings, trees, and the like. I could use this drawing as a study for a painting which would allow precise areas of colour, something the charcoal, because of its crumbly nature, does not allow.

Twisted tree against clouds & sky, Charcoal, conte & watercolour on watercolour paper, 9 x 12”

By Lesley McVicar This was my first attempt at a sky/ cloud painting. It was at the start of the pandemic and I had started walking up to the top of the hill at home to watch the sunset. I’m not even sure why I hadn’t painted the sky before, since I literally always look up at the sky from the car and try to figure out how to make those colours or what order to paint the washes. Maybe I was thinking of it as a landscape and my dislike for painting greenery and trees! 

I really liked the simplicity of this painting. I painted it without overthinking and without any expectations of the outcome.

This pink and blue one is the second one I painted, I had to try a more colourful sky! I was happy with the composition and the movement in this one, but the clouds needed to be lighter, as in weigh less! I am definitely going to attempt this reference pic again now that I’ve had a bit of practice!

This colourful abstract cloud is a bit closer to how I actually want to paint clouds – I think, for now at least!

This is one of my most recent cloud paintings, I’ve had the reference picture for a good while – waiting on my cloud painting skills to catch up! Still not quite there but I couldn’t wait any longer to give those unusual cloud colours a try.

Also, I finished this painting with a mat varnish , which felt like the right thing to do for the late fall feeling of the light, which was quite flat in reality.

That’s my cloud painting journey so far:)

By Susan Irving Here are my submissions for November’s cloud challenge.  I love watching the skies and the shapes and colourations of clouds. Here are a few of the photos I have taken of clouds over the years, and one painting I did a few years ago. 

Storms clouds in the evening, Green Valley.

Storms clouds over the St. Lawrence, Cornwall.

Clouds over Garry Fen.
Skies over Glengarry Trails, Alexandria.


Skies over Green Valley.

Storm Clouds over Charlottenburg Park, acrylic, 12 x 24″

By Lynne Ayers On a trip I spent a morning on the Beagle Channel at the southern tip of Argentina.  It was the most incredible grey light. I don’t know if I was just lucky with an incredible morning or if the light bounces off the snows of Antarctica 600 miles to the south but it remains one of my favourite memories of my travels.  

Morning on the Beagle Channel, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 18 ”   

By Kerry Herwynen McIntosh Still not painting but, making headway tidying up the studio. One room at a time…stay positive. Here are my submissions for our October challenge.

1 and 2 are very low clouds,  early morning in Cornwall.

I love the rocks that surround the soccer field at Holy Trinity. It’s other worldly with the fog. The ship in the fog was taken driving home that same morning. I often wish I had my camera with me. The phone will do.

Felt & paper cut outs of my doodles, 6 x 6″

Eye Clouds  (teehee)

Very loose interpretation,  in chalk pastel, of . . . MacLeod. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself 

By Tina Whitman About a week ago, I grabbed the dog and went for a car ride to find some clouds. We drove all over Glengarry and weren’t disappointed. 

I haven’t really painted landscapes but I found some that I would like to try, they are attached below. When I complete one, I’ll send it in😁

By Yvonne Callaway I’ve been drawn by this driveway of maples and cedars just northwest of Williamstown and painted it several times. The latest iteration is an explosion of fall colours. But the sky was also entrancing with subtle cloud layerings and colour gradations.

430 Running Colours. Mixed media on canvas, 12 x 24″
Running Colours photo source, yc


  1. ” I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
    From up and down and still somehow
    It’s cloud illusions I recall
    I really don’t know clouds at all”
    So many sides portrayed here.
    I especially like what Milo did with his photos.
    The variety in the paintings is so worth noting.
    Bobi, I especially like your Glengarry Moon, and Lesley your last painting, the one with the mat varnish, is stunning.
    Susan, Skies over Glengarry Trails – wow! that backdrop could be the Rocky Mountains.
    Lynne, the light in that monochromatic painting is gorgeous.
    Kerry, your works always manage a giggle.
    Tina, I think you should paint the railway crossing – such a cloud variety in that photo.
    Yvonne, I like the soft subtle colour in the clouds, a nice contrast to the drama of the trees.


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