Collectif Creativity: 31Oct2022

by Ruth Stanton

I’ve been experimenting with FireAlpaca, an application that allows me to draw directly onto the screen of my laptop. I plan to get a drawing pad with a stylus, but for now I am just using the cursor to draw directly on my laptop screen.

Some of you have already seen the results if you are a Facebook Friend of mine. I’ve sketched the provincial flowers and now I’m working on the provincial birds.

It’s a challenge; my drawings are very awkward. They look as though I’m drawing with my left hand or as if I had somehow slipped back in time and woke up somewhere between the ages of six or ten.

Here are a few of my attempts:

Ontario Loon

Collectif clan, share your creative activities — no effort too small! Send JPG image(s) to with up to 100 words per image describing what you did, materials used, inspiration, challenges, mindset, etc. 

Share how/if creativity affects (controls?) your life. Please include size (height by width), title & media for each image.

Writers – we want to hear from you! Send poetry, lyrics, an excerpt. Try to include an image of some sort because that’s the media world we live in. 

Everyone, share informative, inspiring Show & Tell demonstrating the creative mind.


  1. You are doing amazingly well using a cursor, Ruth! The flowers are especially impressive. Looking forward to seeing your results with a drawing pad & stylus!


  2. Ruth, I’ve enjoyed seeing each of your creations on Facebook. Your dexterity with the cursor is amazing! I can’t wait to see what you do when you get a stylus! Your creativity seems limitless and never fails to astonish me.


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