What you missed!

A happy crowd assembled at Alexandria Library on Saturday, 3 September, to launch the first Collectif Group Show at that venue. (Hope it won’t be the last.)

What happens when 15 artists & patrons get together with coffee & cake? Art talk, varied and wide-ranging. From upcoming events to techniques to, well, the benefits of joining. It was such a lively happening that the normally one-hour event expanded to more than 90 minutes

The Book Show at Alexandria Library has already netted 1 sale and 1 new member. And, as these photos indicate, folks were having fun. Now, why weren’t you there?!?!

The Book Show Runs until 29 September, library hours.

One comment

  1. I was planning to attend on Sat but I had an incident on Fri night at my house The police were called so I was not up to coming out on Sat. So sorry I missed it. Jenny


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