CC Challenge: 5 Sep2022 Trees

The Challenge for the month of September is Empty Spaces

By Susan Irving Here are my efforts for the “TREES” challenge.  It seems I paint a lot of trees.  The first is “Trees” Fresh Paint app. I was going for something bright and a bit abstract looking.

Trees, Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

The second one is a winter view of an old tree growing behind the Cotton Mill in Cornwall.

Behind the Cotton Mill, acrylic, 11 x 14″ 

The third is a small  mixed media, Treetops

Treetops, mixed media, 10x 8

The fourth is painted from a photo I took on a visit to Wales, UK. The twisty trees fascinated me.

The Walled Garden, acrylic, 16 x 20″

Tree of Life is mixed media. 

Tree of Life, mixed media, 12 x 12″

And the last a photo taken recently on a visit to Wakefield QC of some lovely roots on the banks of the Gatineau River. 

Roots, KODAK Digital Still Camera

By Susan Latreille

“Trees of beauty and height and grace,

To stand in splendor before His face.”

When Canadian poet Bliss Carman wrote Trees, in which these lines appear, Dutch Elm Disease was unknown in North America. Now there are hardly any living elm trees to be seen.

We have some standing (not living) elms on our property, mostly held up by parasitic vines, a different kind of splendor.

By Yvonne Callaway It is often suggested that artists should create works in series. Trees offer a wonderful opportunity for that, whether realistically depicted or leaning towards the fantastic.

By Milo Smith Trees are a spectrum.  I particularly like windblown pines that remind me of the Group of Seven.  I isolated this one from the distractions around it where it grows on County Road 17. 

Pine Tree County Road 17.

On the other hand, some trees grow neat and symmetrical in a garden. 

Orderly Tree

Of course, all trees die as this one standing among its living brethren in in black and white.

Dead Tree

Finally, the dead may be reduced to a stump before disappearing, as in this one in by the Garry River. Yet, there are signs of burgeoning life!

Tree Stump.

By Bobi Leutschaft Poitras This is an older work with the tree playing a supporting role.

No WiFi, acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20″

By Kerry Herwynen McIntosh Again, I’ve been busy. Sorting and emptying.  Trying to clean. Well,  maybe not cleaning? Anyway,  I knew I must have a tree painting. Doesn’t everyone?

This little piece took me by surprise when I ran across it!  It is not at all what I remember it being. I don’t recall all the red and purple? Or the large Easter egg? Rock?

It’s been a nice diversion looking through the paintings in the closet though, however briefly.  I’m becoming more motivated to paint again but first, I must clean the horizontal surfaces …..

Walk in the Woods, Acrylic & collage, 10× 8″ 

By Tina Whitman I have focused on tree blossoms for this challenge.  I love taking pictures of trees in our area. The blossoms are really interesting and quite beautiful. 







By Isabelle Utovac Here is my submission for the challenge of TREES. I don’t have a blurb for it; I look at it and I don’t even know how I managed to paint this!

Fall Start, watercolour, 4 x 6″

By Veronica Utovac. [Ed. note: Veronica is our newest member!]

Birds Migrating across a Field, Coloured pencil & crayon,9 x 12″


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