Collectif Creativity: 1Sep2022

by Milo Smith

A great joy of summer is getting out in the warmth and enjoying the many facets of nature.  Mill Pond is a good place to get (mostly pretty) flying insects as they go about the business of reproducing.  I got these images in late May, and early July.

#1 shows a pair of Northern Bluet damselflies taking care of business. 

Northern Bluet Damselflies Making Whoopee.

#2 is a very colourful female Boreal damselfly dining on her victim. 

Boreal or Northiern Bluet Damselfy Female with Prey.

#3 shows a male Halloween Pennant dragonfly typically perched on a piece of vegetation.

Male Halloween Pennant.

#4 is a not so common male Twelve Spotted Skimmer dragonfly. 

Twelve Spotted Skimmer Dragonfly. Male.

#5 shows the same Skimmer highly enlarged.

Twelve Spotted Skimmer Dragonfly. Male. Detail

#6 shows a greatly enlarged male Blue Dasher dragonfly. 

Blue Dasher Male.

Finally, #7 shows a not so pretty but very patient female Stenacron Shadfly perched on my pantleg. 

Mayfly at Betty’s Resto. Female Subimago Stenacron Interpunctatum. No common name or Light Cahill.

Chasing insects is a great way of spending an hour or two in the sun.

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  1. What gorgeous colours and markings…when we were kids, for some reason, we used to believe if a dragon fly landed on you, it was coming to sew up your lips…Where that idea came from is beyond me…tho’ probably from an older sibling!Great photos!Sent from Samsung tablet


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