Collectif Creativity: 24Aug2022

by Bobi Leutschaft Poitras

I was given a set of oil paints, the kind you can buy for roughly $8 at Walmart, so I thought I’d try them.  

I liked the way I could so easily blend the oils, even a few days later.  The yellows didn’t cover all my pencil marks, but other than that it was okay.  I used them straight out of the tubes.  I didn’t produce a masterpiece, just a fun painting! I would love to try good quality oils next – I may order some when my budget allows!  

This is painted from, yes, the Hulk mug with artificial flowers in it that sits on a shelf in my room.  Come on, don’t we all have something a little weird in our rooms??? 

The Flowers in My Room 
Oil on canvas
16 x 12 inches

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  1. Nice to see you and Yvonne trying new methods of painting…you’re both so talented, none of that talent should be unseen!Sent from Samsung tablet


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