Collectif Creativity: 8Aug2022

by Milo Smith

Well, this is sort of creative.  I wanted to see the creativity of the blacksmith, so I went to the recent (June) Smith-in at the Dunvegan Pioneer Museum. 

I got a tiny bit creative.  I decided not to use my usual lenses, a wide to short tele zoom or a short telephoto macro.  Instead, I used my long telephoto zoom.  That let me get closer to the action and capture the detail of the process. 

In the first two photos I was using the short end of the lens but still got in close while for the second two images I was out at the long end of the lens to capture detail I would never see as well with my usual gear (and also stay away from the hot flames!)

Making a gun barrel, Smith-In at Dunvegan Pioneer Museum
Blacksmith heating metal, Smith-In at Dunvegan Pioneer Museum
Flaming forge, Smith-In at Dunvegan Pioneer Museum
Hammer bouncing off hot metal, Smith-In at Dunvegan Pioneer Museum

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