Collectif Creativity:23Jul2022

by Ruth Stanton

I am fascinated by the art of quilters. Whether they are creating their own designs or using traditional patterns, their work shows skill, imagination and diligence.

Two friends of my family celebrated their wedding on Canada Day weekend. I decided to make them a set of placemats and napkins with a traditional quilt block-design along with one of my paper mâché trays. I found a photo of a mother grizzly playing peek-a-boo with her grizzly cub and decided to use that as the motif for the tray. Then the logical quilt block had to be the bear paw pattern.

Papier mache tray & quilted table wear

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  1. What a thoughtful wedding gift! I think it is wonderful of you to put the time and effort into making something personal that your friends will always treasure as a memento of their happy day.


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