Collectif Challenge: 3Jul2022 Turtles

The challenge for July is Summer and what you love about it.

by Susan Latreille These two photos are from quite a few years ago but my manipulation of the out-of-the-camera shots was done this June, so I hope that qualifies them for the challenge.

I have many shots of turtles taken by the side of our county roads but these two photos are a bit special because he/she was found wandering in our front yard. Actually, it was Spencer who found it first and drew my attention and my camera to it.

Spencer Meets a Friend

After the photoshoot, we brought the turtle down to our pond.

Photo enhanced to show intricate shell markings

By Yvonne Callaway Turtles sunning themselves are comical and colourful. I painted these Cooper Marsh sun worshippers based on a photo by Milo Smith.

407 Turkles. Acrylic on canvas, 22 x 28″, sold.

By Susan Irving Here are my turtles for the challenge. Turtle was done with a Microsoft Draw Free App. 


Turtles Conversing on a Log was done with Microsoft Fresh Paint App. Both are fun apps to play with. 

Turtles Conversing on a Log, created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

By Milo Smith So, it’s turtles this time?  OK it is turtle breeding season and we had to swerve to miss one on the road the other day. 

I dug out some old Painted Turtle images from a couple of years ago at Cooper’s Marsh.  #1 shows its painted colours better than average including under the shell. 

Cooper’s Marsh. Photo Club Walk. Turtles.

#2 shows 7 turtles basking in the pond right behind the parking lot at Cooper’s Marsh and was the jumping off spot for Yvonne’s painting. 

Wildlife at Cooper’s Marsh. Turtles.

#3 is a very old shot (2004) taken on Ile Bizard, QC.  The turtle must be fresh out of the water as its shell is glistening.

Turtle, Ile Bizzard

By Tina Whitman This little baby snapping turtle was actually rescued from the mower. He or she is a cutie!!

“Where’s the rabbit, I’m up for a race!”

One comment

  1. Yvonne, your turtles are too cute.
    Susan, your first turtle looks like a space alien and I love the idea of turtles conversing 🙂
    Milo, the shot of the painted turtle is amazing. I love the reflection.
    Tina, what a catch – literally!


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