Collectif Creativity: 28May2022

by Katie Ditschun

One Voice Album Cover
For the past couple years I've been writing and recording more songs! My first offering since the release of my holiday single "Be Still" (Nov. 2020) is my new single and jazz EP of the same title, One Voice.
One Voice is a very personal and intimate record. I feel like I bared my soul on it, exposing my feelings of sadness and vulnerability. But I think a lot of people share those feelings and it’s good to remind people that they’re not alone, particularly when they’re feeling most alone and powerless. 

The One Voice EP also contains a bilingual song, “Un Oiseau” in which I give expression to yearnings to find some way to fly away and escape life’s challenges. I balance that sentiment in my allegory of “The Moonflower,” where I confront head on the fears that many of us have about not measuring up — but in a fashion that ends with a life-affirming message of self-discovery. That song features a Latin groove that gives it such positive energy that it invites you in and gets you moving.

It was important to me to perform “Une Voix,” a French version of “One Voice.” The main message of the song is about overcoming the forces that divide us and isolate us. I’m so grateful to my collaborators, Anick Bertrand and Norman Glaude, who helped me get the details of this translation just right, so that I could give new voice to “One Voice” in “Une Voix.” (Je pense que je préfère secrètement la version Française…)

Joining me on these recordings are Mark Ferguson on piano, Tim Bedner on guitar, Normand Glaude on bass, and Scott Latham on drums. 

“One Voice”          Music and Lyrics by Katherine R Smith
“Un Oiseau”          Music and Lyrics by Katherine R Smith
“The Moonflower”   Music by Katherine R Smith and Normand Glaude; Lyrics by Katherine R Smith
“Une Voix”            Music by Katherine R Smith; Lyrics by Katherine R Smith, Anick Bertrand, and Normand Glaude


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