Art that doesn’t move 22May2022

Some folks pooh-pooh the still life. Historically it was viewed as the lowest genre in the hierarchy of painting. Unfortunate. Because in photography, drawing, sculpting or painting there is much to be learned / shared with this often challenging topic. And the potential for topics is endless! Read more here.

122 Morning Still Life, triptych 24 x 36″, Yvonne Callaway
Just a Splash – a not so still life, photo Milo Smith


  1. What a neat painting of Morning Still Life! It would look great in one if those fancy new spa bathrooms!Sent from Samsung tablet


  2. Love the painting and the photo. Maybe for the next group show we should have a still life wall. I don’t think it would work well for Dunvegan, though.


    • The Abstract Wall is attention-grabbing at the Glengarry Nor’Westers & Loyalist Museum now, Susan. A Still Life Challenge would be interesting! There may be a venue coming u that could handle the challenge from a space perspective – stay tuned!


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