Collectif Creativity: 20May2022

bu Alison Hall @alison.sketcher

Creative Challenges
Over the last while I’ve enjoyed sharing a weekly art challenge with friends. Each week we stipulate a medium and a subject and sometimes another parameter. It has been stimulating and instructive and, most of all, FUN! I think it’s a good sign when you find yourself laughing and smiling while creating. 

A few examples:

A composition in colour based on herbarium reference material.

Herbarium Inspiration
Canson XL mixed media paper, 10 x 7 inches
Pencil, watercolour, colour pencil

Kitchen item, drawn with left hand. 

Jug, drawn with left-hand
Canson XL mixed media paper, 10 x 7 inches
Pencil, Caran d’Ache Neocolor II water-soluble crayon

Kitchen utensils, in colour, working in a large format. I chose some antique whisks.

Antique Whisks
Paper (type unknown), 21 x 14 inches
Mixed media

Chair(s), collage. I call this “The Book Club.”

The Book Club
12 x 15.25 inches
Paper collage, Caran d’Ache Neocolor II water-soluble crayon

Creativity has many forms. Collectif members, share yours! Send JPG images of your creative mind at work to with up to 100 words per image describing what you did, materials used, inspiration, etc. Maybe share how/if creativity helps. Please include size (height by width), title & media for all images. 

Writers – we really want to hear from you! Send us poetry, lyrics, an excerpt. Try to include an illustration of some sort. 

Give us informative, inspiring show & tell. Thank you!


  1. Alison:

    Lovely images. I particularly like the butterflies and orange day lily. the left handed drawing was an interesting idea. Thanks for the nice start to a new day.



  2. Your drawings are lovely, Allison! I love the Herbarium inspiration. The collage and the drawing of the whisks are fun. And I am impressed by how well you can draw with your left hand.


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