Collectif Creativity: 8 May2022

by Walter Czuma

All these watercolors were painted before the Covid pandemic and before we moved to South Lancaster in late 2019.These are some of my older creations as I’m currently going through a dry spell–as most of us do. I am hoping some of our members can offer some helpful hints or advice to help me get back into painting again.

I’ve painted many watercolours depicting rural landscapes mostly with barns during different seasons. When I was younger I belonged to the Montreal Arts Club where I also studied watercolour under Helmut Gerth as well as Manuel Ruiz. 

Gathering Sap, Watercolour, 14 x 10.5″
Large Sail Boat, Watercolour, 9 x 12″
Spring Thaw, Watercolour, 11 x 15″
Stragglers, Watercolour, 10 x 14″

Don’t be shy! Collectif members, share your creative impulses! Send JPG images of your creative mind at work to with up to 100 words per image describing what you did, materials used, inspiration, etc. Maybe share how/if creativity affects your daily life. Please include size (height by width), title & media for all images. 

Writers – we really want to hear from you too! Send us poetry, lyrics, an excerpt. Please try to include an illustration of some sort. 

Give us informative, inspiring show & tell. Let’s get everyone exploring their inner creative soul. 


  1. Walter:

    Not sure this will be helpful. I suggest you get out in nature. Go to places you don’t know and maybe you will see a scene that inspires you.



  2. Very nice, Walter. I like how you handle the paint – beautiful watercolour-y 🙂 details in some areas while letting the paint do it’s thing in others.


  3. Your paintings are beautiful, Walter! Perhaps this month’s challenge of “Local” can inspire you. Sometimes I just put a canvas on the easel and let its blankness bug me into starting something…


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