Collectif Challenge: 4May2022, Jocular

The topic for May’s challenge is LOCAL. But a broad interpretation. Can be anything as long as it’s local to you: town, region, family, scene from the window or the view of your feet from your favourite chair. Yep, these monthly challenges are . . . challenging!

by Kerry Herwynen McIntosh For those wondering “why jocular” for this challenge, it was my idea. I had been sorting through, and disposing of, a lot of Ian’s things. [Ian McIntosh passed away on 7 March of this year] I was feeling a little down, I guess, when Tina asked me to choose a challenge.  It just popped out of my mouth because I felt I needed a laugh.

Possibly due to guilt at pitching his things out, I began to clean out my studio as well.  I was tossing a few canvasses and other debris onto a pile to dispose of,  when a happy accident occurred!

Years ago I’d attempted to paint my younger daughter,  Margaret,  as the Mona Lisa.  It never worked out so, it was on the dispose pile. I then threw on some reference photos I had taken for the portrait I did of my eldest daughter, Meredith.

A particularly goofy one landed on the canvas.   It made me laugh so, here it is.


Jocular, Acrylic & collage, 20 x 16 inches

by Milo Smith I found myself scrambling for an image or two at the end of April.  I must get on these things earlier. 

I found two images from years ago.  Yvonne and a friend posing for the camera.  In image 1 they are all smiles for the professional photographer husband and in image 2 they are cutting up for the camera while having evening drinks on the balcony in Northern Italy.

by Yvonne Callaway My taking part in this Challenge is as rare as hen’s teeth! (Hint: zoom into the glass beside the alarm clock.)

334 Hen’s Teeth. Mixed Media on canvas, 12 x 9 inches

by Susan Irving I was hoping to get to this tonight, turns out I’ve been asked to help Mike (the hubby) with some tiresome chores that need doing so will not have time to do another drawing (the first suffered an accidental paint pouring).  SO . . . some photos.

The first two are of my very jovial Chinese Buddha.

The second photos are of garden rocks I painted a couple of years ago.  They are in need of some touching up, which I plan on doing sometime this summer.  The first is Mr. Moon  the second is called WINK!

by Bobi Leutschaft Poitras Here are a pair of poems with a unifying theme.

Beer and More Beer

I pour myself some bubbly ale
And drink my cares away
And for at yeast a little while
My angst is kept at bay.

My aching back gets much relief
When I slug back a few,
I hops you understand that it’s
A therapeutic brew.

Don’t worry, friends, I’m not a lush,
And tea I’ve not decried,
I barley drink before my lunch
So put your fears aside!

The Invitation

I peeked out the window
As time rolled along
I opened my cola
And turned up the song
I saw people maskless
And hugging! (it’s true)
I wondered if that was
The right thing to do

So I opened my door
(I felt pretty brave)
And waited to see if
My neighbour would wave
I wasn’t quite sure what
I’d do if he did
But I stood there and smiled
My jitters well hid

He saw me and halted
And lifted his hand
And then I did something
Completely unplanned
I opened my mouth and
Took no time to think,
But shouted “Come over
And let’s have a drink!”

by Tina Whitman My submission for April – Jocular. I love this shot of the camel. Makes me smile and I enjoyed painting it! The reference photo was taken by Catt Goodall, my nephew’s wife.

Hump Day, Tina Whitman, Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12 inches, Sold


  1. What a great collection of work, each of them made me smile, especially early morning on a dreary day.


  2. I agree with you, Tina – a great collection! Kerry – too funny! And Hen’s Teeth – 😂😂😂


  3. I have to admit that the theme ‘jocular’ left me guessing as to what might fill the bill.
    This collection brought me ‘feel good’ vibes – good work folks.


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