Collectif Challenge: 5Mar2022, Strangers

The challenge for March is CIRCULAR.

by Sue Irving I like to pose my little mannequins in various places around the house.  To give them personality, I have glued “eyes” on their faces.

Sometimes they jog together, sometimes they high five, sometimes they dance.  Here they are posed as strangers, walking near each other, yet distant and absorbed in their smart phones. 

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By Milo Smith Well, this is a challenge!  Who has been out meeting strangers during the pandemic?  I have not been doing any street photography which might provide an image. 

Hmmmm?  Who says the stranger has to be a person?  Why not another life form, say . . . a bird?  I recently had some Pine Grosbeaks in my decorative crab apple.  I have never seen these before, so I think they qualify as “strangers”.  Here is a male pigging out on some fruit.

Male Pine Grosbeak at 34 Centre St.

By Tina Whitman This summer I had  an invasion of strange red bugs that I had never met before. Box elders, apparently harmless. 

Eeeuuww, too many bugs!

They seemed to really love this rudbeckia and any where they could soak up the sun.

Strangers in My Garden. Acrylic on canvas board, 8 x 8″

By Kerry Herwynen McIntosh I think this piece is unfinished as I’ve been preoccupied. But the feeling is there.

Acrylic on canvas board, 10 x 8″


  1. Sue, I love the very modern figures absorbed in their phones.

    Tina sent me the images so I can blow it up. I think these may be boxelder nymphs rather than adults as they are very red.

    Kerry, great simplicity in your group of “strangers”.


  2. Susan, Your “strange” figures look truly lost in their modern technology!

    Tina,Insects are indeed strange. I think these are box elder nymphs (very red) and not adults – could you send me a copy of the photo?

    Kerry, I wonder are they strangers at some kind of party? Love the simplicity.


  3. Great variety of interpretations. Kerry It would be interesting to see how you might ‘finish’ your piece – I rather like it as is.


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