Covid Creativity: 1Mar2022

by Lynne Ayers

for Strangers – 

Here are two shots with original image, and after I have finished playing with it in Sagelight. Both are not just about people not being acquainted with each other but about a lack of understanding, sensitivity or knowledge of other cultures in a world that has grown so much smaller than it once was.

Before, Place de Rochaix

Before DSCN1907 -what interested me about the image was the ethnic diversity and how the two pedestrians are looking straight ahead seemingly unaware of each other. 

After, Place de Rochaix

After DSCN1907 – so I cropped and eliminated whatever I found distracting and tried to accentuate the lack of interaction between the three individuals.

Before, Breite Strasse

Before DSCN2621 – again, the ethnic diversity

After, Breite Strasse

After DSCN2621 – I used similar techniques to highlight the isolation of the woman in the foreground.

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  1. Those photos looked fairly ordinary, until you manipulated them, and now they are extraordinary! “After, Breite Strasse” speaks volumes. You have a sharp eye and a compassionate heart, Lynne.


  2. Lynn, I like the crop on the first image. Makes it much stronger. Not so sure about the second one. It is not so obviously central Europe (Germany?) without the background.


    • Appreciate the input. The location isn’t central to the intent of the image. Perhaps mislead by the photo captions, which were not intended as titles but just identify the image.


  3. Good observations, Lynne. And very good photos too. We all really do need to interact more with other cultures. I have found that starting with sampling their food is a good way. They love to talk about it and that opens a door towards friendship and further understanding.


    • A great way way of making a connection, Susan. Bridges into another’s culture so we can begin to simply see people as people.


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