In 2004, Carmen Herrera was a painter living in obscurity on East 19th Street, near Union Square in New York City. Widowed four years earlier by her schoolteacher husband of 61 years, she was now on her own in their loft apartment but looked-in on by her friend and neighbour, Tony Bechara. Tony was also a painter. After a dealer of Latin American Art mentioned that one of his artists had dropped out of an upcoming show, Tony recommended Carmen. When the paintings arrived at the Tribeca gallery, the dealer, Frederico Sève said, “There’s something here.”

So begins the latest article from Painters’ Keys. Read it here to discover more about this persistent artist.

Untitled, 1952
Acrylic on canvas
25 x 60 inches
by Carmen Herrera (1915 – 2022)

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