Collectif Challenge: 4Jan2022, Celebration

Next month’s challenge is Sunsets

By Milo Smith Well, this has to be the easiest of all submissions.  Celebrations in December!  So how about the following?

Obviously, we have Christmas so how about a nicely decorated tree.  Thank you, Yvonne.

Christmas Tree 34 Centre St.

Then we have decorations of all kinds.  How about some snowmen?

Christmas Decorations at 34 Centre Street.

We also have Hanukkah in December.  So how about a Hanukkiah on the last day with all candles lit, some gelt and of course a dreidel?  

Hannukia and Candles.

And just for an “artier” image this hanukkiah in strong afternoon sunlight and then manipulated in Photoshop.

Afternoon Sun Shots, Kitchen 34 Centre Street.

By Tina Whitman Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and hope you have been well and have your booster!!

So, Celebration, I just ran with it.  Didn’t really have a strategy, luckily “Frenchies” don’t have to look pretty and they are just funny dogs. 

Celebration, Acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12 inches

By Kerry Herwynen McIntosh I have painted my Celebration challenge with paints given to me by my grandchildren.  It really was a celebration seeing them!  With luck, we can do it again next year🙂

Untitled Acrylic on canvas board, 6 ×6 inches


  1. What a beautiful array of pictures…warm and inviting for everyone to enjoy!Thanks a bunch to all…SandraSent from Samsung tablet


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