Call to artists, but act fast!

Name: Pamela S

Message: Hello,

This is Pamela from Jigsaw Casting. We are seeking Artists for a CIBC Pearson Airport Exhibition in Ontario! If selected, the pay is approx. $5,000 per person. The deadline to submit is January 4th 2022 by 5:00pm. Please see our casting notice below. If you know of anyone who may also be interested, please help us pass this along. Thank you!

Jigsaw Casting is seeking ARTISTS for a CIBC Pearson Airport Exhibition in Ontario!

We are looking for Artists to commission their artwork to be displayed at Pearson Airport. The Selected Artists will be paid $5,000 per person, which includes any costs associated with materials and production. This will be an exhibition, sponsored by CIBC, the purpose of which is to promote CIBC’s mission of helping their clients’ ambitions become reality. The airport is a powerful venue for this message because it’s a hub for stories of ambition. It represents new adventures and directions in life. Everybody travels for a different reason, but nobody travels without a reason.

We’re looking for original creations that evoke the optimistic spirit and endless possibility of travel and ambition. Think about the reasons you travel, submissions do not need to be explicitly about the literal act of boarding a plane, but rather what that act represents to you: New experiences, next chapters, connecting with different cultures, new friendships- everything you look forward to when you travel. We want to create an exhibition that inspires people to consider the potential of their own travel ambitions as they make their way through the airport.

If selected for this commission, each artist may submit work in any of the following mediums: Painting, Sculpture, Photography, or Mixed Media. Please refrain from including nudity, profanity, or anything else that could be considered in poor taste. Be mindful of the fact that the airport attracts travellers of all ages and backgrounds. The work will be displayed on the platforms above each carousel at Terminal 1 (International arrivals). Size of the structure must be under 8 feet, weighs no more than 20lbs per square foot and fit within the current footprint of 85” L x 98” H x 38” W. It must also be built only with materials approved under Pearson’s airport safety guidelines. More details will be provided for the Artists who are chosen for this campaign.


Deadline to submit: January 4, 2022 at 5pm.

Artists must be Canadian Residents and reside in Ontario. After being selected, they should have about 6 – 8 weeks to complete their artwork.

Artwork will be due no later than March 7th, 2022. Exhibition in the airport by March 11th, 2022.

Submission process:
Create a one-page proposal for your work, with a description of what you plan on creating. Include as much detail as possible. If it’s painting, drawing, or sculpture, please upload a sketch, as well as a breakdown of the materials you plan to use. Be sure to mention any dominant colours or other visual themes.

You will also have to submit an artist’s statement (Max 250 words) detailing the inspiration behind the work and what it means to you. Include any relevant biographical information that gives the work context. The artist stories will be featured in a digital experience accompanying the airport display, and you may be asked to give a video interview.

If interested, please apply online and submit the application:

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