CC Challenge: 3Dec2021, After Dark

The Challenge for December is CELEBRATION!

By Kerry Herwynen McIntosh

I know I can gripe and go on about the duds I have churned out  throughout the Covid Creativity Challenge but, I can assure you, I have learned something with each and every one.  I have used these opportunities to try new things.  Looking back, I regret nothing!  But, boy, have I got a long list of what NOT to do!

So, here is my “After Dark” offering. No, it isn’t exactly what I’d imagined and that’s okay. 

A little advice.   If you plan on painting over scrapbook paper, you might want to put a layer of clear gesso on first🥴

Trouble Afoot  was done on 10 × 10 inch board but, I  like it better as an 8 × 10 inch.

Trouble Afoot  Version 1, 10 × 10 inch
Trouble Afoot  Version 2, 8 × 10 inch, Collage and acrylic.

By Lynne Ayers

Hi – a submission for the after dark creativity challenge. The first four are travel images taken with my point and shoot and enhanced in the Sagelight app.

St. Nicholas Church in Prague
Buda Castle in Budapest
St. Petersburg, Russia
A Reflection Shot in Alexandria

I also took up my paints for the first time in a while to play with darks.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, whether it would be abstract or landscape – I like to let things happen on the canvas and go from there.  This finished as Cara’s (my dog) last outing for the night and the view along the driveway.

After Dark

By Milo Smith

I cheated for my two submissions for November–I took them in February 2021 during the day.  I took them in colour but made them black & white in Photoshop and, where necessary (the second image), darkened the exposure and added a moon to each (purposefully a bit too large for impact) to communicate night.  Here they are.

Moon & Trees I
Moon & Trees II


  1. Loved your depictions of the potential trouble looming in Katdinski’s shadow, Kerry. Lynne, I especially like the reflection shot of Alexandria. You’ve made it look like part of some exotic foreign city. “After Dark” is beautifully moody. Milo, your Moon and trees are wonderful. I like the second one best, with that big moon edging in, in the corner.


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