CC Challenge: 5Nov2021 Glass, Metal, Reflections

The challenge for November challenge is After Dark. Or, you can try growing a moustache? Just kidding….

Sue Irving Here is my effort for the REFLECTIONS challenge.  It is called Say Cheese.  I initially painted an abstract impression of a party, then glued on a shiny, reflective metal disc with a hole in the middle, plus two small glass mirrors (just for compositional value) and added on an old broken square frame. So, when the  viewer looks into the painting, it is supposed to look like both a camera lens and a photograph of the viewer at a party. The only way I could photograph it was with me in it, though. 

Say Cheese, Mixed media on canvas, 12 x 12 inches

Bobi Leutschaft Poitras I took these near St Sauveur, Québec. I love reflections and I was happy with the way these photos caught them. All taken with my S10 camera.

More Sue Irving!   I made these garden ornaments during the summer out of the same metal reflective discs I used on my Say Cheese piece. The idea was they would flash and scare the birds from crashing into my windows. 

The discs alone would have been enough, but I wanted to fancy them up, and there was also a “what if?” factor. So I decided to try doing partial pours over each side of each one, using Floetrol and acrylics, and making each side of each one different. I only partially coated them with paint so they would retain some mirrored areas.  

Each disc is about 4 inches in diameter. After they were dry I glued on some “jewels” and strung them together with fishing line. When hanging outside they twirl and spin and  and flash, partially mirroring their surroundings.

Here is the same ornament seen from various sides. 

By Tina Whitman I took this photo on a walk at Mill Pond. I wanted to use it as a ref photo for a painting but I I quite like it as it is.

Tina Whitman
12 x 12 inches

By Kerry Herwynen McIntosh Nope.  What a mess.  Turns out, this challenge was beyond my capability.

First, I thought I’d try painting glass on black gesso.  Well, how do you get the darks in on that?  I clearly wasn’t thinking.

Then, I decided on a bag of potatoes in cellophane with a stripe of mylar on it. After a week, I had a tantrum and tossed it in the bin. I have failed. For now.  It is something I will work on. But not right now. I need a success.

Here is the black canvas disaster.   The black gesso shows as grey in the picture. It’s 8″×10″  and will soon be gessoed over. Try, try again…



  1. Not one failure here! All very well done…beautiful photos…unique ornaments…great painting of the jar!…SandraSent from Samsung tablet


  2. Kerry, I do not think your jar painting is a failure at all. Looks like glass to me! Especially the top rim of the jar.


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