Do I Need a Website?

In 2021, I decided to finally revamp my website. It was old, clunky and, frankly, ugly. My web guru had disappeared years before – don’t ask — and I’d been limping along updating what I could. 

I had all the photos I needed, and the text and knew what I wanted for the simple layout, how the links would work, etc. I asked two web developers for quotes and was astounded at the prices: high! So I decided to take two weeks to create the WordPress site myself. Afterall, I’m content creator for the Collectif site – how hard could it be?

VERY! It took two months not weeks. The first few days were tear-filled and stressful. That’s when I decided to limit the torture to one hour per session and to ask lots of questions of the support staff at WordPress.

The result is satisfying (to me) and reflects the image I had in mind.

If you are wondering about commissioning, creating or updating a website, this Painter’s Keys article has some very good points. And, once it’s done, remember we can link your site to your name on our list of members!


    • Rather a feeble example, I’m afraid, Ruth. Took about 3 years of heel dragging to finally tackle the Job That Had to Be Done! It was my service supplier saying they couldn’t/wouldn’t support the antique software that finally got me moving.

      It’s not perfect (what is?!?) but it is much better, reflects me and it was a sorta kinda good exercise to go through.


  1. I admire your tenacity and ability! I have already gone to check it out, it looks great and I will be going back to it this evening to peruse it again. So interesting!


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