What Do We Do?

A few years ago one of our community projects involved working with Alexandria’s five schools to mount student-created artwork. The five panels were temporarily installed on the TNG Water Building, facing Mill Pond.

School Murals Installed, July 2018

When the water building was renovated last year, the mini murals were removed and given back to the schools. This is what three of them have done with their students’ creativity.

Mural on Ecole Elda-Rouleau, Sep 2021
Close-up, Elda Rouleau

A collective member worked with Terre des Jeunes students for several weeks, challenging them to create a work that reflected the school feeling

Mural on Terres des Jeunes, Sep 2021
Close-up, TDJ
Mural on St Finnan’s, Sep 2021

That’s part of what The Collectif does, making art a living asset in our area!


  1. The school murals were a great idea and they are all wonderful.

    I’m sure the ones that are up and the ones to still be installed will be appreciated by the community for a long time to come.


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