CC Challenge: 6Sep2021 Collage Self-portrait

September challenge: GLASS, METAL/ REFLECTIONS. Exceptionally, we’ll allow two months for this challenge. September is a crazy busy time with return to school, a movement to increased “normal”, WOW, etc. Please submit by Hallowe’en.

By Lynne Ayers I just dove in for this one, gluing down some pieces. The papers are from my own collage collection – ripped copies of my own photographs, papers I painted myself, etc. I’m still playing with line so some of that went in, doodling down the image with paint or acrylic pen.  Just kept playing until I felt the composition came together and I liked what I saw. 

The Matriarch
Lynne Ayers
Mixed media on cradle board
14 x 11″

By Milo Smith I started with a colour selfie and then patched stuff on top in various layers.  Ice crystals on a windowpane for the beard, snow on a roof for the hair (visual pun intended), a black tulip for the eyes and then made the remaining skin a purplish magenta.  I also made a black and white version.  The difficult part is to find the right images to use with the photograph.

MAS Self Portrait
Spooky Milo
Spooky Milo Redux

By Susan Irving Here is my entry for the collage self portrait, very hurriedly done at the last minute. It is still wet and my fingers are all sticky. 

Head in the clouds, messy hair, plus things I love: goldfish, butterflies, gardens, colours and my cat, Spyder.  

Collage Self-portrait, Susan Irving

By Kerry Herwynen MacIntosh I have little to say about my self portrait collage, except that, while I love to do collage, I hate having to do it. 

That said, it was fun until I tried flattening it out under some plastic and heavy books. Before it was dry. Fortunately,  I had taken this picture prior to the fiasco.🤪

Kerry, Collage Self-portrait

By TIna Whitman So, collage: never have done it and never would have if we didn’t have a fellow CAGAC member’s excellent suggestion. 

I have to say, it’s been fun.

I began with a black and white print of my face. Placed a plastic film over top and started to glue (Golden medium) magazine bits and pieces. There are a lot of layers!! I simply pulled the film off and glued it to a painted cradle board.

This is not a finished piece but you will be able to see the finished one in WOW. Hopefully you will be able to get the gist of my train of thought.

SELF PORTRAIT, TIna Whitman, Collage with magazines & other paper on cradle board, 18 x 24 inches


  1. What a great collection of work, I love them all! They are so interesting to look at. And Milo, you are very soooky in purple.

    I definitely will try collage again and again!


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