CC Challenge: 5Aug2021 Vanishing Point

August challenge: Working in collage, create a self-portrait. 

Use pieces of your own work, magazine cut-outs, textured items from around home, anything!. 

Photographers, use bits of your photos – or household objects — then photograph them together into one image.

Writers, could you work with fonts, meaningful words/prose/poetry of your own, or others?

As explored by artist, Nancy Colella, how will you do it? 

  • Full face or profile? 
  • What kind of expression? 
  • Importantly, what objects/symbols can you include to express YOU?

What are your limits!

By Milo Smith As a photographer, I found it difficult to find good vanishing point images nearby.  I settled on three images, all black and white as I found the colour distracting. 

The first is a simple shot of the local railroad tracks disappearing off towards Maxville and developed the image to punch up the sky. 

Alexandria’s railroad tracks.  Digital image by Milo Smith

The second is looking up County Road 30 at Kenyon Concession 4.  The sky was bland so I worked on bringing out the clouds. 

County Road 30.  Digital image by Milo Smith

Frustrated at my inability to find good images outdoors, I went inside and created an extremely simple abstract vanishing point.

Abstract Vanishing Point.  Digital image by Milo Smith

By Susan Irving.  Here is my effort for Vanishing Point. At what point does the fog become so dense that things disappear? 

Fog Over the Fields, Susan Irving, created with Microsoft Fresh Paint watercolour setting

By Kerry Herwynen McIntosh Initially I was worried I wouldn’t have time for the challenge this month.  I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire this summer.  So, I went back to school!I remember doing exercises like this 50 years ago. Back to basics.  It was a lot of fun too,  I enjoyed it immensely.   I call it,  Eggs Rolling Uphill.

Eggs Rolling Uphill, Kerry Herwynen McIntosh, watercolour on paper, 12 x 14 in.

By Tina Whitman This is what I came up with for the vanishing point challenge. It was a photo I took of a walk we did when visiting beautiful Pemberton, BC.

The lily pads were incredible and the boardwalk was just lovely to walk on, went on forever.

I still have so much to learn about painting and I struggled this time with the greens and how they looked when I took photos of the finished product. I also struggled with painting loosely. 

I don’t think I will varnish it just yet, maybe it will be continued some time down the board walk!

PEMBERTON,B.C., Tina Whitman, acrylic on canvas, 20 x 24 in.


  1. Great work everyone.
    I must admit that the topic ‘vanishing point’ had me thinking only of railway tracks, but Milo I love your interpretation with the two sets of rails. And such a familiar scene on CR 30 – I cannot even guess at how many times I’ve thought that double-dip would make a great photo.


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