TWO new works on the Trails!

The fifth Tales on the Trails segment will be launched Monday, 12 July at 10:00 on the Glengarry Trails. This round we have Tales by two members: we decided not to translate the English poem but put up 5 English panels and 5 French panels. . . both are poems which lose in the translation.

  • Laura Peck offers Petit Morceaux Durables, an eco-friendly tale illustrated by Pilou.
Cover page of Laura’s piece

  • The Birthday Salamander is written and illustrated by Ruth Stanton
  • Cover page of Ruth Stanton’s poem

    The unveiling takes place at the trailhead on Lochiel Street West, Alexandria. Some parking available. Stroll the boardwalk, read the stories, enjoy the images and nature .

    Social distancing is required and masks are suggested as a precaution.

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