How to be original

“I’ve noticed that there’s a tendency amongst painters who look too often at one another to congeal into a homogeneous glob . . . Originality, on the other hand, begins with the ability to think independently and creatively. How do you do that?

“It requires a conscious unshackling from the zeitgeist and therefore the groupthink of social media, school, art groups and other sources, and the deliberate rejection of the techniques and processes of nearby travellers. If you think you might be leaning too heavily on the voices of others, try referencing exclusively from a medium outside of your own for at least three months. For a painter, for example, try reading.

“Make your own images from the inspiration of a more distant star. Grow, work, steer and innovate with care and also wild abandon. The road less travelled will in time, deliver your own authentic discoveries. Read the rest of this intriguing article from Painter’s Keys.

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