Covid Creativity – already 100 posts!!!

Would you believe this is the 100th post?!? Many, many thanks to members who’ve created–then shared– their processes for creating words, music and/or visual art during lockdown.

One things is clear: we live in a vibrant community of folks who can’t help interpreting their worlds, and sharing.

Here’s a review of the varied works shared so far. (We’ve included images associated with written submissions. Please review past posts to reread the poems & stories.)

Here is the list of artists who have contributed so far. . . [Consider sending your recent work to with a brief blurb describing how creativity helps. We’d love an informative, inspiring show & tell. Writers, send us poetry, lyrics, a short piece or excerpt.]

  • Ayers, Lynne
  • Beswick, Wendy
  • Boroff, Jerry
  • Bougie Desjardins, Jeanne
  • Callaway, Yvonne
  • Deguire, Suzanne
  • Delves, Elaine
  • Desjardins, Francois
  • Ditschun, Katie
  • Douglass, Larissa
  • Faubert, Diane
  • Flockton, Flip
  • Hagen, Carmelle
  • Hall, Alison
  • Harhaj, Olga
  • Irving, Sue
  • Juteau, Sylvie
  • Kaskoto, Andi
  • Kennedy, Brenda
  • Latreille, Susan
  • Lehtiniemi, Barb
  • Leutschaft, Poitras Bobi
  • May, Bob
  • McDonald, Jen
  • McIntosh & Whitman
  • McIntosh, Kerry
  • McWilliam, Marleene
  • Muri, Sue
  • Orr, Lesley
  • Poirier, Paulette
  • Smith, Milo
  • Stanton, Ruth
  • Taylor, Erica
  • Thompson, Bud
  • waSILLY KATdinsky 
  • Whitman, Tina


  1. Thank you so much for this video! It is wonderful to see that this last year has not dampened our creativity, but instead has produced so much beauty. We rock!


  2. Wow! What a great video! And such beautiful songs to go with it.
    Such a treat to be able to sit back and enjoy at all these fantastic works.


  3. Thank you, François, for putting together this amazing video! And Katie for supplying the beautiful songs. What a fabulous commemoration of 100 posts!


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