Covid Creativity February Challenge: – Under the Sea

The challenge for March is Mice. Let your imagination go!

By Olga Harhaj I wasn’t sure if I would have anything to submit for this challenge until I looked on the empty wall in my family room.

I had collected the shells, silver dollars and other preserved sea creatures over the decades in a box and didn’t know what to do with them until we moved to South Lancaster. I also found a net in same the box and decided to display everything as a collage on the wall. Seems not only paintings belong on walls.

Under the Sea
By Olga Harhaj

By Susan Latreille I thought the February challenge would be a pass for me. I have photos ‘at the sea’, ‘on the sea’, ‘out of the sea’ but nothing ‘under the sea’. Then I had a Eureka! moment.

This is a ‘manipulated photo’ (thank you Milo Smith for that–to me–unfamiliar term) of the pond on our property. The photo was taken in April 2020 during Covid and the editing done in February 2021–still in Covid times. My attempts at editing were to have this photo look wet, maybe somewhat like looking at the decor in an aquarium.  I’m not sure how successful it is but it was fun trying.

Under the Champlain Sea
By Susan Latreille
Manipulated photo

And how does this photo fit the challenge theme? Ten thousand years ago our pond was at the bottom of the Champlain Sea!

By Sue Irving Here are my attempts at Under the Sea.  The first one was done late last spring during Covid’s first wave.

Splish Splash
By Susan Irving
Mixed media on cradled board
12 x 12 inches

The second, “Tropical Fish”, is my latest attempt at doing something on the Fresh paint app.  I am still experimenting with the effects I can get using this app. I must admit that it really whiles away the hours!

Tropical Fish
By Susan Irving
Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

By Tina Whitman My painting met two purposes, the challenge for February and my son’s birthday. 

My son Dan is an avid free diver and sent me a video of a dive he did close to home on Vancouver island. I tried to put different landmarks together and came up with this painting. 

Once I finish  applying the wax, buffing and letting it dry, it will be packed up for shipping out west.

Free Diving
By Tina Whitman
Acrylic on canvas
24 x 30 inches

By Kerry Herwynen McIntosh Not much to say about these.February is too short a month. the works are both mixed media and a lot of that media is plastic. Most of the mixed media is plastic. And then wrapped in plastic. Hard to see in a photo. It’s a comment on the amount of plastic waste that ends up in the ocean.

She Heard the Mermaids Singing
By Kerry Herwynen McIntosh
Mixed media
11 x 14 inches
Under the Sea
By Kerry Herwynen McIntosh
Mixed media
24 x 18 inches

By Lynne Ayers There is definite value in offering these challenges – the subject of this challenge is something I probably would never have attempted, or thought of, and I had trouble getting started. It definitely went through some serious “holy crap this is awful” stages – so bad that I thought, “Well I can’t make it any worse” and so I kept playing. 

Under the Sea
By Lynne Ayers
Acrylic on canvas sheet
9 x 12 inches

By Yvonne Callaway  I wanted to challenge myself, move out of my comfort zone, with this month’s topic.

I worked in portrait, because it seemed unlikely for a seascape. I also worked v-e-r-y slowly (for me.) It took about three weeks, letting the painting tell me what it wanted –okay, maybe we’ve been in lockdown a little too long. I progressed intuitively, creating marks and shapes, adding 3-D objects. I also limited colours, not my usual modus operandi: blues & greens with a few rare splashes of coral, black and white.

I wanted a feeling of deep sea, without anything being spelled out. I think the piece feels mysterious, alive and, yes, sub-aquatic.

Full Fathom Five
by Yvonne Callaway
Mixed media on canvas
30 x 15 inches

By Milo Smith Underwater is a challenge for a photographer in winter especially one who no longer has a wet-suit and dive camera.  So I looked through my inventory and come across some images taken at the San Francisco aquarium many years ago.  I took each image and then modified the colours of the jellyfish and sometimes the background in Photoshop to produce the following images. With a nod to Andy Warhol.

Jellyfish 8-Up
By Milo Smith
Manipulated photos

By Elaine Delves I started this during October 2020 to give to my youngest granddaughter for Christmas. Well, I never finished it. But thanks to this February challenge she just might get it after all. Easter maybe? Haha!

Come Swim With Me! 
By Elaine Delves
Acrylic on canvas
22 x 22 inches

By Jeanne Bougie-Desjardins As I initially read the theme Under the Sea, it suggested images of the many ancient Greek myths.  Remembering the grandeur of the architecture it immediately placed me in the world of Atlantis.  Hence arches and pillars subtly appeared on my canvas.

Ghost of Atlantis  (“Way down below the ocean” – Donavan)
By Jeanne Bougie-Desjardins
Acrylic on canvas
40 x 30 inches

By Francois Desjardins I tend to work on many pieces at one time and, in this case, the chosen theme was a good prompt. As inevitably our studio discussions ended up on the great legends of Atlantis, I quickly focused on the idea of some unknown deity emerging from the sands of Atlantis, washes up on the beach.  This has lead to a few pieces on that theme, and a lot of listening to Donavan’s Atlantis, an old favourite of ours. [Jeanne Bougie-Desjardins & Francois are a creative and romantic team, Ed.]

Exposed by Receding Seas
By Francois Desjardins
Manipulated layered photograph

By Bobi Leutschaft Poitras You will now see the level I have stooped to during this pandemic.  When you scroll down, you will see a painting of a fish on a wine glass. I would like to say I didn’t paint that, but, you know, wine.  

Angry Fish
By Bobi Leutschaft Poitras
Enamel on glass

In order to redeem myself (just a little), I painted another fish a couple of days later, sans wine.  (I really hope pointing out which was which wasn’t actually necessary, but…!)

Betta Fish
By Bobi Leutschaft Poitras
Enamel on glass

This was my first glass painting experience and it has given me an even deeper appreciation for our glass painters! I will definitely enjoy wine out of both glasses.  Not at the same time.  Come on!


  1. Thank you! Thank you, Kerry and Tina for coming up with the idea of a monthly challenge. I do believe that you may have saved the collective sanity of the Collective 🙂
    This month’s contributions are so amazing. So much fun reading the stories that go along with the art.
    Well done everyone 🙂


    • Absolutely agree! The CC Challenge seems to stimulate creative juices. The variety of submissions proves there is no limit to creativity.


  2. Wow! So much amazing art and incredible talent (Angry Fish not included in that statement!) Thanks again, Tina and Kerry for this wonderful challenge idea, and thanks, Yvonne, for arranging the posts and encouraging us all. What an awesome Collectif we are! Mice – my favourite animals! Hmmm…


  3. Congratulations to all the ‘under the sea’ artists for giving us such a wonderful eclectic virtual exhibit. And thank you Yvonne for doing the behind the scenes work each month. It is a great idea to keep creativity going during the pandemic.


  4. Such wonderful works! It’s an inspiration to belong to such a versatile group. Can’t wait to see what the next challenge will bring.


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