Always Something to Learn

This brief article is a concise description of skills visual artists should master, and why.

Drawing mastery helps with understanding our world and spatial relationships; Colour mastery involves knowing the properties of pigments, both in theory and as chemicals; Abstract understanding “is controlled visual magic”; Compositional mastery is the queen of the skills and Emotional evolution takes time and patience.

Where are you on the road of continual learning?

School Daze
By Yvonne Callaway


  1. Just this week I did an on-line seminar (free) with Nicholas Wilton that addressed some of these points – about the placement and arrangement of marks on canvas (design/ composition), the value relationships of those marks – I’ve struggled with understanding value and his explanations were simple and understandable. He also explained colour in easy terms as well. How, with better understanding of these three principles it frees up the work because all “mistakes” are correctable and THAT gives the emotional investment free rein.

    I used what I learned and have adjusted a painting that had been in trouble and is now better, in my opinion at least. 🙂


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