Covid Creativity: 5Jan2021 –The Monthly Challenge Continues

December’s edition of the monthly art challenge started by Kerry & Tina appealed to one person. Will more rise to the January challenge? (See end of article.)

by Susan Latreille I thought I would pass on the December challenge as no flashes of creativity for a wallpaper pattern came to mind.  Then, in a novel I read something like this –‘the room was gloomy with heavy furniture and dark wood, even the cabbage rose wallpaper could not dispel the oppressive feeling’.

And that made me think of all the photos I have of my glorious peonies (not cabbage roses, but oh! so close). So I played around with photos, created a collage, and worked with several editing effects, including adding film grain and the Orton effect, to create a wallpaper that looks romantic and mysterious, it might have been found in that room in the novel.

Peony “Wallpaper”, Susan Latreille

by Kerry Herwynen McIntosh Okay. So, I rushed. I had a vision at the beginning of this challenge of a classy, Arts and Crafts,  William Morris type wallpaper.  I can still see it in my head. However,  I was busy imagining I was busy with holiday preparations. What I made is not wallpaper but what turned out to be wrapping paper. With matching gift tags.😁

Kerry Herwynen McIntosh, apple print with watercolour, acrylic , acrylic ink. on watercolour paper, 11×14 in.

Paper & tag, Kerry Herwynen McIntosh

by Tina Whitman I finished experimenting with designing wallpaper. When I painted Fen for the story panels, [illustration for Tales on the Trail for Friends of the Glengarry Trails] I had done her with marshland flowers. I thought at the time, that would make a great wall paper – minus Fen.

So here it is. I think it would make very nice closet wallpaper. I had wanted to print the wall paper with collograph prints made from cereal boxes [A collagraph print is made by glueing different materials to cardboard and creating a kind of collage.Ed.] But once I started I realized I would never finish such a large piece. But I’m determined to make prints some day.

Marshland Wallpaper by Tina Whitman

Our January challenge is “Birds”.  At first I had thought your favourite bird, but we decided it can be a chicken’s egg, bird at a feeder or a roasted chicken, anything goes!

Send your creative response to the January challenge by month’s end: words, photo, visual art, collograph print!

Collectif members, send an image (or a few) of very recent work to with up to 100 words describing what you did, materials used, inspiration, etc. Maybe share how creativity helps–or frustrates! We’d like an informative, inspiring show & tell. Writers, send us poetry, lyrics, a short piece or excerpt.


  1. Kerry, what great wrapping paper! Did you actually use it to wrap presents? The recipient was doubly gifted 🙂

    Tina, what gorgeous wallpaper! I would love that in my bedroom below a chair rail. It would look amazing with my antique furniture.


  2. You guys are all so creative! I also missed that challenge somehow… Maybe this month even though it’s a third gone and I have little motivation – I will try to force my brain! Tina and Kerry – thanks for challenging us all, even if some of us are too lazy (rolling eye emoji aimed at myself inserted here)


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