Covid Creativity: 1Jan2021

by Milo Smith

This COVID-19 stuff sure takes away from many of the simple pleasures of life.  Like the fireworks displays at New Year and July 1. 

Canada Day Fireworks over Mill Pond in Alexandria.

Since we didn’t have many this year, I attach a few images from past years that I’ve re0-edited and tweaked very recently.  Enjoy. 

Canada Day Fireworks over Mill Pond in Alexandria.

At least these fireworks are in the warmth of your home. 

Fireworks 3.

Let us hope for some real fireworks on Canada Day this year, 2021.

Fireworks 4.
Fireworks 5.
Canada Day Fireworks over Mill Pond in Alexandria.

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!

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  1. Super idea, Milo…they look like glowing surprises in the air…Many HAPPY NEW YEARS to you!…Sandra  Sent from Samsung tablet


  2. WOW! What great photos to bring in the New Year.
    Amazing shots Milo – Thanks for bringing some brightness to January 1, 2021


  3. Fireworks are not easy to get great photos of – you did an outstanding job. So vibrant I can almost hear them! Happy New Year!


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