Exercise your imagination!

Exciting news! The third story of the Tales on the Trails project will be posted on the Glengarry Trails. Bobi Leutschaft Poitras wrote and illustrated this thought-provoking poem with whimsical snow-people paintings.

Join us Monday, 14 December at 1:00 PM. The unveiling takes place at the trailhead on Lochiel Street West, Alexandria. Some parking available. Stroll the boardwalk, read the story, enjoy the images and nature.

Social distancing is required and masks are suggested as a precaution.

Tales on the Trails, Bobi’s “Front page”

Who: You!

When: Monday, 14Dec2020 at 13:00

What: Launch of the latest Trail Tale by our own Bobi Leutschaft Poitras

Where: Trail Head, west end of Lochiel Street & along the boardwalk

Why: Admit it, you could use the exercise! Feed your soul with art, fitness & nature.

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