Responses to Covid Creativity Challenge — Favourite Piece of Music

Many folks responded verbally or emotionally to the McIntosh/Whitman piece of 29 October. Here are results of folks who rose to the physical challenge in the order they hit our in-box.

Susan Latreille: I love what Kerry & Tina are doing with their monthly challenge. And what an inspiration to send the challenge out to everyone. Here is one of my photos for submission –  my grandson wearing his AC/DC cap and his Canada lumberjack jacket playing ‘bluegrass’ on his banjo.

Favourite piece of music challenge

Milo A Smith: I love music. All kinds of music. As a high schooler, I played the saxophone, an old beat-up E flat alto.  I no longer know how to play but I still enjoy the listening.  My younger daughter plays saxophone (also clarinet and flute) and hers is beautiful in comparison to what I had.  It sounds as good as it looks! 

Golden Jazz: Sax

Lynne Ayers: Delta Dawn just happened, initially inspired by a photo I took of a coastline when the tide was out. As I progressed I thought of the song and it directed the final outcome. 

Delta Dawn by Larry Collins & Alex Harvey, watercolour with acrylic pen, 11 x 14 in.

I find Yanni’s Reflections of Passion a stirring interpretation of making love – the rise of passion to the climax and the feeling of resting in each other’s arms in the afterglow.  In my visual interpretation the waterfall represents the surge and flow of passion; the quiet pool of reflections is the afterglow.

Reflections of Passion by Yanni, watercolour with acrylic, 15 x 14 in.

Susan Irving:  Here is my offering on a favourite song:  A Night In Tunisia, the Miles Davis/ Charlie Parker rendition. 

A Night in Tunisia is a very colourful piece of music. It struck me as needing to be portrayed as an Abstract.   I think a night of good jazz in Tunisia would be very exciting, exotic and a bit mysterious. 

I began with colourful acrylic inks on bleeding tissue symbolizing the colours I feel in the music. I glued it onto the board, added a bit of crayon, then pasted on some iridescent wrapping paper here and there. Then I drizzled on some black tar gel  (for the night part) and added shiny things to symbolize sparkling city lights and the feel of a lively jazz club.

A Night In Tunisia, mixed media on cradled board,  8 x 10 in.

Sylvie Juteau: It all started with Kim and Harry Ewen visiting an Ottawa musical instrument “renowned doctor”, noticing a large bin of discarded instrument strings and thinking to themselves, “Hmmm, wonder if Sylvie would be inspired by those? After all, it’s metal right?”

Well, was I ever!!! Ideas flew left and right and, as with most artists, mistrials checked most of them off the list!  It brought me to wonder why musicians have them replaced. The strings are tough as nails and almost indestructible. These delicate shiny creatures will test your patience and your fingertips skin. 

None being exactly alike, this resulted in a variation of the same delicate and fluid melody.  This brought me as much joy as I would imagine a musician hitting the perfect note.  

Melody Bloom, discarded musical strings, metal, wood, 28 x 12 x 6 in.

And from the folks who started it . . .

Tina Whitman: I just can’t sleep through the night, Bud attached to his machine, the strong street light shining through the blinds, Georgia, given up on the sheep😳

Lullaby and Goodnight, acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12 in.

Kerry Herwynen McIntosh: Music from my youth.

This was the first thing that popped into my head  for the Favourite piece of music challenge.  I quickly dismissed it in favour of something, well, more refined. Couldn’t get that one right and kept coming back to “Paint it Black”. It had become an earworm.  It just  just HAD to be. 🤪It’s the Stones,  man!

Paint It Black, 10×8×6.5 in.
Acrylic on cradled panel with old brush & a LOT of E6000 (very strong smelly sticky gelatinous glue. Works great! !)

FYI, this month’s challenge is Design a wallpaper.


  1. It’s interesting seeing the so different visual interpretations of a basically auditory topic.
    Kudos to all who accepted the challenge.


  2. Susan L, very nice treatment of the photo of your grandson.
    Milo, striking composition and the colour and lighting have a great jazzy feel.
    Susan I, I sat a listened to A Night in Tunisia while looking at your work – your choice of colours and wayward wandering black lines is a great abstract portrayal of the jazz piece.
    Sylive – a lot of energy in those flowers that just go SPROING! I love it.
    Tina, your details and humour never fail to make me smile
    And Kerry – it just had to be. And a great hook for your artists apron you say?


  3. Wow! Such talent and imagination! You have all captured something magical. I’m afraid I was in a creative depression and no matter how much I rolled the topic around in my mind, I came up blank. Congratulations Susan L, Lynne, Milo, Susan I, Sylvie, Tina and Kerry! Beautiful, diverse, and stunning works!


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